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Vita Beans Apps (n)
Vita Beans apps are intuitive, easy-to-use applications that help you learn and share knowledge using innovative ways that are more fun, more effective and more intelligent!

Once Upon a Bean

"We add the predictive potential & precision of science to the art of understanding & interacting with people"

Vita Beans is a startup by graduates of BITS Pilani. A long time back, we started out as an intellectual endeavor to build an Artificial Intelligence agent (AI agent) that can make decisions just like the human brain does. i.e. not just by considering economic & tangible criteria involved in decision making, but also evolutionary, emotional & psychological elements involved.

However, we could not use any of the traditional AI approaches which use inductive methods of coming to a conclusion, since it would take an incredible amount of space & processing power to make even slightly complex decisions.

We decided to build a new framework to profile excitation patterns of different areas of the human brain that are involved closely in decision making & to emulate the decision pathways in the human brain to make our AI agent think & act. After months of research, programming, validation studies & pilots later - we launched our first behavior simulation engine!

Over the years, we have built a collection of inspiring, easy-to-use applications on top of our technological framework - covering areas of education, human resources, learning & interactions. With several international awards, affiliations and a presence in several states across India, we aim to deliver the most enjoyable technology experience to all our stakeholders. Feel free to drop us a line at team@vitabeans.com to know more or just to say Hi! We always enjoy listening to your ideas & comments.