accurate profiling

Vita Beans: Assessments

We provide activity based assessment tools to replace the traditional questionnaire based methods. The activities are modeled on successful tests from clinical neuroscience & neuropsychology.

So do we score you based on your performance in these activities? Definitely NOT! Though score based methods are widely used, they have constantly been found incapable of capturing the uniqueness and the full essence of an individual's behavior. We cast the inputs that we get from these activities into the Vita Framework which uses something called Fuzzy Logic to convert this data into an AI agent that thinks and acts like you!

What's more? - The whole set of activities only takes 5-8 minutes to complete. You can also get our assessment tools as mobile applications that run on mobile phones to profile an individual.

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Vita Beans: Human Resource Management

Vita Beans offers you technology to "simplify the art of understanding people". Using a simple and intuitive online process, Vita HR application allows you to profile the top performers of your company and instantly create a performance-behavior profile. You can even review and customize the profile in a graphical interface.

What does the performance-behavior profile do? It helps you structure years of learning in HR and people management into a tangible, verifable profile that can be a benchmark for creating an atmosphere of excellence in your company. All employees and new-recruits can be regularly profiled with respect to this benchmark to understand how their performance can be improved.

The reason why the Vita HR application stands out is the way we integrate science with business results. We ensure that you don't just get a scientifically superior technology, but a product that also holds a strong business relevance.

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Vita Beans: Market Research Simulation

Ever wondered if there is a better way to do market research than going around paying people to answer boring questionnaires? Now there is!

We offer you curiosity and fun driven activities that can be used to understand consumer responses. Also, by profiling your consumers based on their inherent preferences and behavioral styles - you are not only making their profiles more scientific, but also reusable.i.e. you can profile them once (5-8 minutes) and use their AI profile to simulate their preferences in all your future market research campaigns for the population.

This also opens up new ways to incorporate consumer preferences into your product. Ex: Instantly customize your advertisements, news, articles, blog-posts, recommendations and promotional offers to match what the particular consumer who is visiting you wants!

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